Best Wealth Management Software of 2021

The best asset management software makes it easy and straightforward to manage hardware and software assets. 

This is especially important for modern businesses that often have to juggle a range of software platforms and a variety of IT hardware. Asset management software can help you better manage everything from lifecycle to licensing, inventory and compliance.

It is extremely important to monitor and manage these resources to ensure compliance with industry regulations and to help you make informed business decisions. 

In the past, resource management was done manually with pen and paper. This took time and, in many cases, could be quite inaccurate. Fortunately, there are a number of resource management programs available today that are designed to simplify the whole process. In the rest of this article, we have outlined the best asset management software on the market. 

1. Freshservice

Popular resource management tools.

Reasons to buy

+ Versatile tools for asset management + Great selection of additional features + Very competitive pricing

Reasons to avoid

– Too many extras that are confusing for some users – API issues may arise – Support is not the best

Freshservice is one of the most popular asset management tools in the world, and it ranks first on our list for a variety of reasons. For starters, it’s extremely easy to set up and use. This makes it a great choice for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend on resource management. 

At the same time, Freshservice comes with extra features to help you streamline your daily workflows. Its asset management tools support monitoring, in-depth reporting and lifecycle management. Plus, it comes with comprehensive inventory management tools to help you track and stay up to date on stock levels.

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Additionally, Freshservice comes with tools for incident management, software licensing, and project management, among others. With a business growth plan that includes resource management, it offers very competitively priced solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

2. ServiceNow ITSM

A powerful IT asset management program.

Reasons to buy

+ Supports incident monitoring and management + Includes powerful analysis tools + Allows you to generate customized reports as needed

Reasons to avoid

-UI is out of date and confusing -Prices are very high -Can be quite difficult to set up

ServiceNow ITSM is a powerful IT asset management program designed for medium to large businesses. It comes with an impressive range of features to support its standard asset management tools and has grown to be a worldwide favorite.

With ServiceNow ITSM’s asset management tools, you can monitor and monitor your entire IT system at all times. If machines or devices break down or stop working as they should, you will be notified, allowing you to get back into operation as soon as possible.

In addition, ServiceNow ITSM monitors the performance of IT systems, using the information gathered to create detailed reports. It will help you simplify your company’s IT operations by allowing you to identify and resolve problems quickly and efficiently. 

Pricing for ServiceNow ITSM isn’t advertised openly, but online reports suggest they start at around $ 10,000 per year, making it one of the more expensive options available. 

3. UpKeep

Manage everything from IT assets to store inventory.

Reasons to buy

+ Extremely versatile + Backed by a great support center + Includes a range of extra features

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Reasons to avoid

– User permission settings are limited – Lack of integration with third party programs – Cannot be deployed locally

UpKeep Asset Management is a powerful program designed to help you monitor your IT system to make sure you always stay online. It allows you to control everything from IT assets to inventory storage and even digital assets. Plus, you can create detailed reports that outline everything you and your IT teams need to know to take care of your systems. 

One of our favorite things about UpKeep is its versatility. It can be used on almost any device or operating system, including smartphone or tablet. In addition, it is supported by a wide range of training resources and a responsive support team. 

UpKeep is one of the cheapest options available. Ultimately, it’s a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses that want to monitor and take care of their assets. 

4. Spiceworks IT Asset Management

A free program to manage your business assets.

Reasons to buy

+ 100% free, forever + Powerful inventory tracking tools + Various distribution options + Very easy to use

Reasons to avoid

– There is no lack of some advanced tools – UI could be better designed – Support services are limited

Those on a tight budget will love Spiceworks IT Asset Management, a free program that lets you take care of corporate assets. It supports monitoring of all physical and digital assets, as well as inventory management and software licensing. 

Additionally, Spiceworks supports a range of integrations with third party programs and comes with an integrated help desk. It is also extremely easy to use, has powerful reporting tools, and can be deployed locally or via the cloud. And did we mention it’s free? 

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5. GoCodes

Manage physical and digital assets.

Reasons to buy

+ Extremely versatile asset management system + Tailor-made solutions for various industries + Patented QR code tracking system + Relatively cost-effective

Reasons to avoid

– Can be slow and slow at times – Some reporting features are complicated – Limited resource tracking with cheaper plans

GoCodes is slightly different from the other asset management programs on this list because it allows you to track a wide range of physical and digital assets. There are four different versions of the program. These are designed for instrument and equipment monitoring, school resource management, medical equipment monitoring, and office IT asset management. 

This versatility has led to GoCodes being adopted by a huge number of companies across the enterprise across numerous industries. Physical assets can be tracked via the company’s patented QR code system, and all solutions can be tailored to your exact needs. There is a selection of plans that are billed annually or monthly, so it’s a great option for businesses of all sizes. 

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