Which IT development company to choose?

As the IT sector is constantly evolving, it is often difficult for companies to meet the requirements they face on their own. To this end, opting for an external IT service appears to be a wise choice. The solicitation of a company specialized in this field allows you to have a trusted partner. Do you have an IT development project? Here are some companies you can choose from.

Our Blue

Offering a qualitative approach on the internet, Notre Bleue is an IT development company which was created in 1993. Thanks to a team of specialists, it offers adapted services in:

  • computer programming;
  • web promotion;
  • graphic design, etc.

One of the strengths of this company is its permanent availability to its users. Notre Bleue offers personalized and quality support in the realization of your software design projects in order to offer long-term collaboration. In addition, it uses existing multimedia resources to maintain permanent contact with you. This allows you to follow the progress of your assigned missions at all times.

Soccer Group

The SOCCER group is an IT development company specializing in the publishing and integration of management solutions for companies. For more than forty years, it has mainly edited management software. SOCCER notably offers its services to SMEs and SMIs, management centres, agricultural traders, associations and cooperatives.

It guarantees through an approved methodology, the implementation of training, advice, communication policies, creation of websites, etc. It is also involved in the deployment of the equipment necessary for the needs of customers.

Moving on

Moventes designs and produces tailor-made mobile applications for businesses and individuals using innovative technologies. It supports the technical aspect of your IT development project, from design and throughout the life of the software.

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The technological know-how and the experience of Moventes in support and then in advice are put at your service. This makes it possible to create mobile applications completely adapted to your needs, whatever your field of activity.


Indeso is an IT development company specializing in the creation of software for your entity. It offers multiple tailor-made software solutions for any activity you carry out. This agency develops software with a view to allowing you to integrate specific functionalities into your activity.

Indeso is also a renowned entity in Business Intelligence. It rightly offers alternatives to help you read your data and make decisions.

Actium SI

ACTIUM SI is an entity that offers IT needs study services and advice in choosing an IT solution. It also offers support in installing a management tool (workshop monitoring, sales management, etc.). It is a company that offers IT solutions suitable for your needs whether you are VSE, SMI, SME, etc.

It also supports you in the implementation of solutions such as modeling and auditing, basic training and the creation of personalized documents in the image of your company. The other solutions concern the development of specific software and the creation of links between these different software.

Manage your IT development with professionals

The role of IT in our current society is growing. It’s simple, we can’t do without it. And companies must now become aware of this, to increase their notoriety, their influence, and to facilitate internal management thanks to software designed to save time and organize themselves better.

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The purpose of the information is to simplify life while inflating the turnover of the box. And if you are not an internet or computer specialist, it is important to delegate this work to outside professionals. However, this IT development company precisely offers to support companies that want to evolve and have an important place in the digital sphere.

Being accompanied has several advantages. First, it is experts in this field who help you, they know exactly how to help you and what to do to make your organization as smooth as possible and your reputation on the Internet as high as possible. Then, it allows you to stay focused on your main body of work, on your activity, without having to worry about external (but important) aspects since they are managed by experts.

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